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Craft CMS Support & Maintenance

Just like a new car, your Craft CMS website will only keep running smoothly if you stay on top of regular servicing and maintenance.

Craft CMS Maintenance and Upgrades Plans

To keep your Craft CMS website running smoothly, it’s important to stay on top of regular updates and maintenance.

Why You Need a Support and Maintenance Plan

How Our Plans Works

  1. Monthly Updates: We update your Craft CMS installation and third-party plugins monthly, ensuring your site benefits from the latest bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security updates.
  2. Major Version Upgrades: Upgrades to major versions (e.g., from Craft 4 to Craft 5) and custom plugin updates are quoted separately. Craft CMS and plugin licences are also billed separately at cost.
  3. Additional Support and Development Hours: You can add hours to your plan for ad-hoc support or planned development. We prioritise your needs and schedule work according to your priorities.

Additional Support and Development

Guaranteed Availability

Clients with support and development plans receive priority response times and scheduled development hours, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Official Craft Partner agency

You know you're in safe hands because we are a Craft Partner agency.

This means we have a dedicated Craft development team and proven experience that has been verified and approved by the makers of Craft CMS.

What to expect:

Breadth of experience
Deep knowledge of Craft
Exhibit professional and reliable business practices

Craft partner - Craft CMS Agency in Leeds

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